The PESM / PlaCEP 2024 event gather worldwide experts in the field of dry etching, coming from academia, R&D institutes, tool suppliers and industry. Thanks to its medium size format, the PESM / PlaCEP 2024 event enable in-depth discussions between attendees, enabling to establish strong connections with many potential customers. Sponsors and exhibitors are essential to PESM / PlaCEP 2024, as they facilitate the conference organization and contribute to its technical excellence. 

As a sponsor or exhibitor, you will be given the highest visibility, so that your products or services get the attention they require. 

Sponsors and exhibitors are also invited to submit a technical paper by the abstract deadline. This technical paper will be reviewed according to the same standards as regular submissions. 

Please remind that the PESM / PlaCEP 2024 event will run over three full days.